Thursday, December 31, 2009

*New* New Year Cheer

*New Year Cheer* is available in both Taggers Size and Full Page Kit Size.

In Stores Now!

This Kit contains:

12 Papers
3 Eyelet Ribbons
1 Girl New Years Bear
3 Buttons
3 "Happy New Year" Balloons
2 Clocks
3 Satin Flowers
2 Martini's
3 Mini Fireworks
3 Tags
1 Bead Scatter
3 Paper Flowers
3 Beads
1 Boy New Years Bear
2 Party Dresses
3 Big Bows
3 Noise Makers
3 Stapled Strings
3 Bow Ties
3 Party Streamers
2 Stapled Frames
3 Wraps
2 Glossy Flowers
3 Sets of Glittered Hanging Stars
1 Cloud
3 Knotted Strings
3 Party Hats

All items are separate and saved in 300dpi - Perfect for Printing.
This kit is saved in both .png and .jpeg format so it can be opened in any Program.
All .png files have a transparent background.
*Not all items are shown in Preview* Registered & Protected

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